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Sale Barn

We are currently awaiting Fall 2022 kids and are accepting inquiries. Send us an email for more information!

Llama Fiber

We shear Pom Pom and Pickles annually before the hot Texas summers and sell their wool. It goes quickly, so let us know if you are interested!

Sales Policy - Please Read Prior to Purchase

  1. SELLER makes no guarantee of the personality or disposition of the goat.

  2. Reservation of any goat(s) requires a 50% deposit of the total sales price. Deposits are non-refundable.

  3. Reserved goat(s) will not leave the property of Dill Farm for any reason prior to Date of Sale and until full payment is received.

  4. SELLER reserves the right to refuse the sale of any animal at our discretion if we are not confident in the ability of the BUYER to adequately care for the animal.

  5. In the event of loss or injury of said goat(s) prior to Date of Sale, the SELLER will refund the deposit or roll it forward to the next kidding season at the request of the BUYER.

  6. Reserved goat(s) must be picked up on agreed upon sale date and time. If the BUYER does not pick up goat(s) on agreed upon sale date and time, the BUYER’S reservation will be forfeited, including the deposit paid, and the goat(s) will be retained or placed for sale. If the agreed upon date of sale is after 10 weeks of age of the goat, there will be a $1/day boarding fee until pickup.

  7. BUYER is responsible for all transportation and associated costs. SELLER assumes no responsibility for transportation of the animal. SELLER is not responsible for death or injury associated with transportation.

  8. We are confident in the health of our goats and will not sell a goat that is unhealthy or requiring medical care. By taking the goat from our property on the Date of Pickup, BUYER is agreeing that the goat is in good health. SELLER is not responsible for the health of the goat once it is off the property of Dill Farm.

  9.  By placing a deposit of the total sales price, BUYER is agreeing to these terms.

Sale Barn & Policy: Available Pets
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