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Previously Sold Goats

Chip & Dale

Chip & Dale are from our Fall 2020 kidding season and are out of Gypsy and Patriot and they are 3/4 ND and 1/4 pygmy cross. They started showing their spunky personalities almost immediately, and we are so excited that they will be living with friends so we never really have to say goodbye to these sweet boys!


Savannah's Doeling #1

This little blue-eyed doeling is out of Savannah and Patriot and is so pretty. We love her flashy color and fun personality! She is always trying to jump on Savannah's back and loves to play with her sister!


Savannah's Doeling #2

This gorgeous black and white doeling is out of Savannah and Patriot and she has such pretty blue eyes! I know she will make her new owners very happy, as she loves to cuddle and is is very sweet.



Olaf was born March 2020, and sold to a sweet, local family. He was out of Gypsy and Ramsey, our herdsire at the time. He had the best personality and was always the first to jump in our laps for a hug!



Squirtle was Olaf's twin brother, out of Gypsy and Ramsey, born in March 2020. He wasn't as naturally outgoing as his brother, but he was just as handsome, and loved to eat! The two brothers were bought by the same family, so they will always have each other to butt heads with!



Lego is a little blue-eyed boy, born in April 2020, out of Savannah and Ramsey. He is so calm, loves to be held, and likes to fight for the top step of the stool! He was sold to a sweet family who is new to goats but fell in love with him at first sight, like we did!



Ramsey was our herdsire for the year of 2019 and 2020. He was a very good-looking blue-eyed boy and he sired all blue-eyed babies. He was sweet, and easy to handle, and we are happy that he found a home with more does who can keep him busy!



Cookie was among the original group of goats we brought to the farm. Though she was one of our favorites and had a super cute baby this year, our vet advised us to remove her from our breeding program due to an issue with her udder. We waited very patiently and finally found the perfect home for her that will love her as much as we do!

Previously Sold: Males
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