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Meet The Herd

We breed Nigerian Dwarf goats, as we believe they make great colorful and good-natured pets, at about 50-70 lbs. They also produce a great supply of milk that can be used in a variety of ways. While our goal is to produce healthy and family-friendly animals, we also love the variety of body and eye color! We are a clean and disease-free herd. Please contact us for availability, pricing, and with any questions.

AGS Not Justa Ranch PaintedPatriot

Patriot is our current herdsire and we are SO excited to see what he brings to Dill Farm! We brought him home in May 2020 and he is ADGA and AGS registered. He was disbudded as a baby, and has the sweetest, gentlest personality.

We spent a few (7) hours in the car toda

Garrett Koza Farm Gus McCrae

Gus is our newest goat, and our future herdsire! He came home in January 2021, a great way to start the new year. He is what we call a "unicorn:" blue eyed, polled, AND moonspotted! We cannot wait for him to grow up and see his offspring!



Gypsy is one of our favorite goats, and you'll recognize her face from our logo! She was one of the first goats we brought home, after immediately falling in love with her pretty face and bright blue eyes. Gypsy is a Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf cross.



Savannah loves to play with her sisters and acts like the queen of the group! She gave us a scare when she broke her leg shortly after she arrived to the farm, but with the help of a great vet, she is strong and healthy and one of our best moms! Savannah is a Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf cross.


Lunar Magick HP Magnolia

Her first name was Magnolia, but we decided to change it and call her Cami! Cami is an ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goat with excellent milk lines! She and Paisley are half-sisters! She is so calm and great with kids, and loves to nap in the sun! We look forward to breeding her when she is older so she can produce lots of fresh milk for us!


Lunar Magick HP Paisley

Paisley is an ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goat, with excellent milk lines! She is a the sweetest goat I have ever been around, and maybe the prettiest too (I'm partial to redheads)! She will be bred when she is at least a year old and we look forward to her producing fresh milk for us!



Belle was our only doeling born in the Spring of 2020, out of Cookie and Ramsey. She is blue-eyed, black and white, and very friendly! She gave us our first set of triplets and we love her for that! Belle is a Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy cross.


Annie Oakley

Annie is an ADGA Nigerian Dwarf and she came to us at 8 weeks old. She is a full sister to Bonnie and the two of them are very mischievous! When she grows up, we plan to breed her to our herdsire, Patriot, and expect some very colorful, blue-eyed kids!


Bonnie Parker

Bonnie is an ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goat. She came to us recently at 8 weeks old and was instantly a troublemaker, hence the name! But she has come around and is quickly becoming more social. We plan to breed her to Patriot when she is old enough and look forward to some colorful ADGA registerable kids!



Vincent is a sweetheart and we have a nightly ritual of peek-a-boo from behind the stall door while we prepare dinner in the feed room. He is a wether, which means he was castrated as a baby, but he will help teach the young kids the ropes after they are weaned from their mamas. Vincent is a Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf cross.



Leroy has been a part of the family for over 15 years! He was a show horse in his younger years, and now he is the best companion to our family. He is the reason we bought Dill Farm, so we could keep him at home, and he brings us so much joy!


Pom Pom

Pom Pom is one of our sweet guard llamas! Purchased originally as a companion for Leroy, she has quickly taken the goats under her wing to protect them from the occasional coyote or stray dog that passes through. She loves to eat so much, she had us believing she was pregnant!
We also shear her wool annually to keep her cool and sell her fiber.



Pickles also originally joined the family as a companion for Leroy, but he too is an excellent guard. He is on the smaller side, but he is loyal to his herd and stays on alert for occasional predators. He was very skittish at first so it is rewarding when he comes around looking for treats and attention in the evenings! We shear Pickles annually to keep him cool in the heat and sell his fiber.


Spaghetti & Linguini

If we didn't know any better, we'd think these troublemakers are twins! We rescued Spaghetti from the humane society, and Linguini showed up as a neighborhood stray and never left! They work hard hunting mice around the property and occasionally sneaking in the house for some extra attention!


Ranger & Colt

Ranger (Goldendoodle) and Colt (Aussiedoodle) live inside, but they work hard around here to make sure everyone has their fair share of love and attention!


The Hens

We have a wide variety of chickens who lay the most beautiful eggs! We try to keep between 12-20 hens at a time, and they live on the pasture and eat lots of bugs, along with a chicken feed to create bright yellow yolks and strong, colorful shells. They are excellent layers and we almost always have fresh eggs available.

Meet The Herd: Available Pets
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